Eurovision song contest is coming up soon and the old continent will draw its’ attention to the "Crap Song's Exhibition" in Norway. This is already a well known fact that in the west flank of the continent no one cares about the Eurovision, most of the contestants are unknown and sometimes retired musicians, when in Eastern Europe Eurovision is almost the most important event of the month. Thus the difference between East and West is evident and one can easily notice it while taking glance at the list of the winners of the past couple of years. Usually representatives of France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and etc. are not even represented in the final and that indeed says a lot. Moreover, less and less people are interested in watching the contest and that can be deemed as normal while considering the quality of songs/performers.
          But definitely situation is different in Eastern Europe. Countries are furious about the Eurovision and spend lots of money for a “proper” performance. For instance, last year when I was residing in Tallinn, some of my fellow students got money from certain Azeri people to vote for their representative and I presume this is not an exceptional case. Not to delve into details, Eurovision recently got a connotation of a more political rather than a musical contest and it is easy to notice when the voting results are revealed.
          However the issue I wanted to touch upon initially is not fully related to the Eurovision song contest. The reason of writing this very post is caused by the Lithuanian song for the forthcoming event. Yesterday, I listened to some participants and frankly speaking most of the songs are crap, but one of them interested me with lyrics. Sort of sarcastic “Eastern European Funk” by Lithuanian band InCulto, is truly the best piece of the Eurovison 2010 (at least from my standpoint). Difference between West and East, cultural barriers which is still a case despite the fact of open borders, attitude –“Wild East,” cheap labour force and many, many other thoughts that might pop into our mind while thinking about the “European Unity” and still existing arrogance of some Western Europeans. This is the basic leitmotiv of the song and you will be assured while listening the song/reading the lyrics. 

InCulto - Eastern European Funk 

You've seen it all before
We ain't got no taste we're all a bore
But you should give us chance
Cause we're just victims of circumstance
We've had it pretty tough

But that's ok, we like it rough
We'll settle the score
We survived the reds and 2 world wars

Get up and dance to our Eastern European kinda funk!

Yes Sir we are legal we are, though we are not as legal as you
No Sir we're not equal no, though we are both from the EU
We build your homes and wash your dishes,
Keep you your hands all soft and clean
But one of these days you'll realize Eastern Europe is in your genes


Anonymous said...

That's is just VERY GOOD song!

Natala said...

I remember last year ;))))and I totally agree with you...

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