Thursday, July 8, 2010

Football and Catalunyan Nationalism

                                                                                                                                                                              Even tiny Catalunyan cities celebrate Spanish victory. Game was not even over when Fiesta started in the streets of Tarrega. Can imagine what is the situation in other, more Spanish cities of the country... As I was told by locals, it is not common to celebrate Spanish victories outside, which certainly is not a case when Barcelona wins.

Barcelona is actually a separate topic, an icon of Catalunya. More than a football club and a huge reason for keeping up Spanish integrity. Can you imagine Catalunyan championship? a game between Barcelona-Girona, or even Barcelona- Espanyol? without el Clasico football loses a lot and as far as it has a great importance for each and every inhabitant of this community it does influence on separatist ideas as well.

However, football isn't always enough for loyalty towards Spain in many cases, even the fact that 5-6 Catalunyan players are represented in Spanish squad is not sufficient reason to cheer up for Spain. 

Here is a small video recorded in around 5-10 minutes after the match between Spain and Germany.


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