Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Diaries

After moving to Catalonia for a while, I have an excellent opportunity to examine some "Catalonia isn't Spain" claims and have to admit I faced more than I expected.

After a week of observation, I can say that Barcelona is the least non Spanish city in this very autonomous community. People tend to use Castilian more than Catalan, which is not a case in most of the other big cities, not to mention small villages all through the region.

"Spanish team is playing? ah, I don't care!"
"Eurovision? Why should I watch it, my country isn't participating there!"

These kind of statements can be heard all around Catalonia...

But, it is definitely a huge topic to go through and I sort of got interested in this Spanish-Catalunyan story, will write about some other interesting stuff soon. but for now the picture which interested me a lot.


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