Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Country which always amazes me

My summer vacation is approaching to its finish. 3 months were quite long anyways, feel sort of tired of packing/booking/wandering. Though cannot complain as I am unable to live otherwise. Maybe I'll summarize my thoughts later as two more trips are ahead, but the recent one on Iberian Peninsula was probably the best part of summer'10. Even though I've already visited all the major cities before, it's always nice to be back, especially the countries which I simply adore. 
Portugal due to the reason of Football national team already long ago became one of my favourite countries in Europe, but it is indeed more than football. Fado, Portuguese culture, people and stunning cities/beaches are sufficient reason to consider going back in there. I cannot go into details of each and every of them as it takes really long, short stories always make a trip unforgettable especially countries like Portugal and Spain, wherein once can always find something unique, which is not so common in other parts of the continent. I remember once after spending a year in northern Europe,  felt like at home while seeing people shouting each other in the street. I know locals usually are fed up with this type of noisy way of life, but after 2 years of living in North I can fully appreciate this sort of "South type" behavior of people. Where else will you be offered a weed right in front of the building of Ministry of Justice? :D never tried it though

This was my second time in Lisbon and I've once again enjoyed its Arabic influenced architecture, not really clean but still very special streets of it. Traditional cuisine which is relatively cheap in comparison of other western European countries and delicious Port wine. These and other things which I didn't mention in this post truly makes Portugal place worth visiting, this country will perfectly fulfill the requirements of even the pickiest tourists.


Irushka said...

As you haven't had yet time to write about Vienna experience, it might have a chance to become even better part of summer 2010 ;) Hmm... Better than the best???

Giorgi Tabagari said...

waiting for ur blog :)

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