Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to travel almost for free

How many of you have heard about carpooling/car-sharing? I knew that something like this existed in some European countries, but never thought that it could work for me as well. Travelling by car almost for free from one to another country is indeed a great opportunity for wanderers like me and seems like many people around me are using it quite efficiently. I myself have discovered this service recently and enjoyed it so much that I cannot refrain from writing about. Have to say that I liked the idea of using sort of new means of transportation from the beginning, but as I had to be in Vienna at least by 9th in the morning, i was not sure how trusty it was. Finally had no choice as train was extremely expensive and there were no cheap flights operating from Frankfurt to Vienna/Bratislava. I won't go through the details of the trip, just wanted to state that it cost only 25 Euro (300% cheaper than train) and was absolutely amazing experience. Probably not every of them is going to be the same, but I recommend it to everyone who is going to have a trip within Central and Western Europe. 

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