Monday, June 7, 2010

Leisure in Tbilisi

There are couple of spots in Tbilisi, wherein I can enjoy a nice atmosphere and drink Cafe Latte with amigos. Mainly old town is full of this kind of places, and I love spending time there with my friends. Unfortunately, this is the only replacement of traditional week-end life, I’d usually like to have, but so far so good… apparently drinking coffee and having a nice conversation with friends is more common (at least in my surrounding),  than hanging out in a night club on Friday/Saturday night.
Hence, as I have no other choice I have to get whatever is available :). But since yesterday evening I officially stop complaining about Georgian week ends, as I ultimately found my favourite spot in the city and decided to make a post about it.

Tiflis Palace - a place I’ve recently found and was so impressed by the panorama from the balcony that officially declared it as my favourite ones in the city. :) It’s a café inside the hotel Tiflis Palace and is located in Abanotubani, one of the oldest parts of Tbilisi. I went there with couple of friends and when I first saw the place my thought was, oops, I’ll get robbed here, but prices were cheaper than in any other fancy places nearby. Apart from prices, service was good and live music truly made my evening. Thus, I highly recommend to each and every visitor or local to visit this place. Best panorama of Tbilisi, wherefrom you can see pretty much all the major places of interest.

Pur Pur is also one of my favourite spots in the old town and after discovering it I started visiting this place constantly. I have to mention that Pur Pur is sort of snobbish and sometimes disgusting due to this very reason, but an atmosphere, design and music is cool, hence as prices are more or less affordable and service is also not bad, I love spending time in there.

Café Goethe – Place I’ve recently found in the city is just perfect for the people, who are tired of traditional Georgian food and would like to have a nice dish for a decent price. Food is great there, prices are really cheap (6/7 Gel for a quite heavy dish) and service is one of the best in the city, the guy in there is just amazingly friendly.

Fantastico – Italian spot in the city, a bit far from the city center, also slightly expensive but you can get delicious Italian meals there. What to say more, if you like Italian cuisine, this place will definitely meet all your expectations.
            That’s it pretty much, I presume there should be many more interesting bars/cafes, but what I have seen so far, places I’ve listed above are the bests in the city. 
Here is also a virtual guide of Tbilisi.


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