Monday, December 10, 2012

One Speech in Two Chapters

Who takes the Nobel Peace Prize and who will represent the European Union were the main questions after the decision of Nobel Committee has been announced. Different versions have been mentioned and suggested, and considering the overall criticism of the decision, I was looking forward to this moment. 

I also expected that Herman Van Rompuy would present the EU in Oslo, but at the end we have seen all three leaders of the EU institutions - Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission and Martin Schulz representing the European Parliament. Moreover, leaders of 20 Member States (Shame that David Cameron didn't attend!) payed visit to Norway, which made this award ceremony even more interesting.

For certain Europsceptics, Kissinger question - 'whom to call in the European Union' might be relevant once again, but this ceremony has been a vivid demonstration of 'sui generis' nature of the Union. And non of the single EU institution would have been legitimate enough to solely represent the Union on that level. Thus, Oslo ceremony united the Commission, as a watchdog of European integration and supranational entity, European Parliament as the only democratically elected institution, representing citizens of the EU and European Council as intergovernmental part of the Union. 

All three leaders took the prize together, which was already logical, but indeed the most interesting part was the speech divided into two parts. As presenter announced - "One speech in two chapters" delivered by Herman Van Rompuy and J.M. Barroso. Both stressed the role of the Union and especially Barroso underlined the importance of supranationalism and need for more Federal Union. Pride moment indeed and let it become the beginning of new narrative of the EU!

You can see speeches of Van Rompuy and J.M. Barroso in all EU languages: