Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can we really laugh at Russia?

Vladimir Putin has now officially expressed his readiness to take over presidency after incumbent Dmirty Medvedev will finish his term. Hot news of the day indeed, which finally unveiled the mis(t)ery of the future of the Russian Federation. As a consequence, speculations about who is gonna be elected, whether the rivalry exists between Russia's two nominal leaders and what is going to happen during the next elections is over. As well as the result of the forthcoming elections is known far in advanced. After today's announcement Russia can wisely save the possible election related expenditures and declare Putin directly as a president. Or simply change the constitution and grant Putin the right to preside till death.

Ironic but I already conceive Georgian TV channels broadcasting with sarcasm how undemocratic Russia is, while forgetting/ignoring the possibility of having similar situation for the next elections in Georgia. Hence, as a citizen of Georgia I do not yet have 'right' to laugh at ridiculous Russian politics, as we might face the same in near future. All I can do is to hope, that Mikheil Saakashvili, the current president of Georgia will be wise enough to make the first ever precedent (!), and the leader of the country will change in compliance of the constitution. Otherwise we can 'proudly' join the club of Russia and Central Asian countries and stay in the same swamp!